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Our players don’t just run, skip and jump: they learn to do the Toprock, the Brooklyn Uprock, the shuffle, the 2-step… People can learn tai chi in under 2 hours or move and meditate in just 7 minutes. Our products are created by professional dancers and martial artists who want to turn passive entertainment into active engagement, fun and fitness. People can play 20 minutes a day, three times a week and still reap substantial benefits.

  • Tech Innovation

    Real Time Motion Tracking / Bluetooth / Affordable

    Funky Bots created first motion sensor apps for street dance and tai chi and the first 7 min app for moving meditation. We offer gaming alternatives to Wii and expensive Xboxes. We are partnering w. Intel to create Atomic Bands for real-time motion gaming, bluetooth enabled for any mobile device. Single or multi-player, yea!!

  • Apps and Games

    Kids / Dance / Martial Arts / Fitness

    Our apps and games teach foundational elements of movement styles. For street dance, we emphasize groove and basic moves to teach how to associate rhythm and movement. In martial arts, we teach proper breathing and structural integration. In fitness, with our partner Technogym, we emphasize how form relates to function.

  • Community

    Free to Play / Support the Arts / MOVE!!

    Our apps will be free so everyone in the world can learn to groove or kick ass with kung fu and love movement. Why be a couch potato when you can trigger all those endorphins just dancing in your living room. Our app content is fun and also deep, taught by true master level teachers. We reward movement artists helping to build this platform by paying them royalties and inspiring people to move.

Fun Stuff


Our first app BoomKLAKers aimed to teach toddlers how to associated beats with movement. Boom KLAK, Boom Boom KLAK. Then we made Funky Bots where kids could create their own robot dances. Then we made the first motion sensor apps for tai chi and street dance and followed with the first 7 minute app for moving meditation. We're movement junkies who love dance and martial arts, and we obsessively make stuff. Fun & funny stuff is the best.

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Sticks in the Road


Funky Bots is the brainchild of a Belgian urban dance group Cie 13/Rosa Mei. They toured for 10 years in 18 countries and Rosa made her first app in 2014 after not knowing what an app was in 2013. Her first app BoomKLAKers was chosen by Apple as Best New App in 108 countries.


Feel the Beat, Dance Forever!

Three apps chosen by Apple as Best New App 7 Min Chi, Funky Bots and BoomKLAKers.


Motion sensor apps & Accelerators

Created Taichi Temple, the first motion sensor app for tai chi and Funky Dance the first motion sensor app for street dance. Won two acceratator programs Alcatel Innovation Challenge and Technogym Wellness Accelerator. Successful prototypes of Atomic Bands, the first motion gaming bands and debuted them to CES 2017


Atomic Bands, Best of CES 2017

Augmented Reality Gaming at CES 2017 Chosen by CNET as one of the Top New Gadgets of CES 2017. Partners include:Technogym, TCL and Alcatel. Phase 2 development of Atomic Bands, the first smart bluetooth gaming bands. Turbo charged!

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